Feeding the Frontline Workers with Ella and Beau

Feeding the Frontline Workers with Ella and Beau

Located at 4 Ross St Forest Lodge, Ella and Beau is just a stone's throw from from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. 

Deborah Rich, the owner of Ella and Beau, noticed that the health staff were getting busier and busier, and the food available at the hospital was filling but definitely not as delicious as the food served at her Ella and Beau.

She decided to do something about it. She started by sourcing some of her customer's favourite dishes - such as her nourishing lamb shanks. Then she asked if anyone would be interested in helping out. The response was overwhelming. Deborah then set up an online fundraising page called "Feeding Frontline workers". Within days they had raised over $5000 dollars which has been used to make hundreds more meals.

Like Clara Green, Ella Beau is focused on sustainable and locally sourced products. So we were inspired to contribute to the project, providing Ella and Beau with enough eco friendly cleaning products to sustain her uptick in production.

Products included dishwasher powder, degreaser and hand dishwashing liquid.

If you want to contribute too, please support Deborah's fundraising page, or consider making grabbing your next takeaway from Ella and Beau.


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