About Us

10 Years of Sustainable Cleaning Products

Clara Green is helping our customers contribute to a better world. One in which they can clean safely and use less plastic. We are helping them let manufacturers know that how they make their products matters. That it is important that they take the health of the planet and their customers seriously, rather than just paying it lip service.

It started with a simple decision to shop sustainably.

Putting this decision into action was harder than I thought. It seemed pretty straight forward to run all my purchasing though a 'green' filter. When I tried to do it, though, I found it surprisingly difficult. The products most likely to make green claims were chemical products. Very few claims were convincing, and even those that seemed to have been produced by people who took their environmental responsibilities seriously were problematic.

I don't have the skill or knowledge to make judgments about the toxicity of shampoos or washing up liquids based on the ingredient lists on their labels. To say nothing of the environmental impact of the manufacturing process itself. If my 'green' purchasing was to have any effect, I needed to know that what I was buying really was green, not just green washed.”

And at the end of the day, I am not an industrial chemist. I am a parent who cares about the health and safety of my family and our planet.

How Paddo inspired me to create Clara Green

In talking about this to a friend, I discovered that he manufactured products (in the Inner West) that he made strong green claims about. His products were certified as sustainable against an independent Australian environmental standard by third party auditors. All my dreams had come true! Paddo had no-one to sell these products for him. I decided to give it a go.

I set out to build an ethical business that provides shoppers with a transparently virtuous choice when it comes to buying 'green' products.

My greatest hope for our customers?

Giving them a simple and affordable way to keep a house or business clean, without hurting themselves or anyone else. That over time, we see more manufacturers and regulators responding to the choices they have made by creating less harmful products, using less packaging and distributing their products in such a way that they reduce their carbon miles.

Clara Green is one way I’m hoping to make it easy for others to care for themselves and our planet.