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We all know that traditional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals. And they typically come in big plastic bottles. But when you need your kitchen benches, floors, sinks and other surfaces to be clean and germ-free, you need natural cleaning products that really work.

Clara Green's laundry powders are certified by GECA as a sustainable cleaning products. So you know you the ingredient list is more eco friendly than conventional cleaning products provided by other popular products marketed as green cleaning products under their supposedly sustainable brands. Or even DIY cleaning products and homemade cleaners containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

Clara Green eco-friendly cleaning products are:

  • free from animal based ingredients
  • plant-based ingredients and plant-derived ingredients
  • free of the phosphates, so they reduce harm to marine animals
  • free of toxic chemicals and harsh chemicals
  • free of artificial fragrances
  • use biodegradable formulas
  • earth friendly types of plastic are used in the eco friendly packaging and product labels
  • concentrates in reusable bottles reduce landfill waste
  • locally manufactured, so you are supporting local suppliers and reducing

The natural ingredients and concentrated formula means you will only be paying a few cents per 500ml of your new favorite cleaning product. Our PH Neutral All Purpose Cleaner is particularly good value for money.

So Clara Green's eco-friendly products a great option to include in your cleaning routine.

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