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At Clara Green, we know you need products that work well and work quickly.

Non toxic and non-hazardous

We also know that if you are using cleaning chemicals daily, they should be as safe to use as we can make them.

Shows how you care for the environment

We understand you are trying to minimise your environmental impact. That's why we only supply products that have been certified as environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). Everything we supply is effective, fit for purpose, better for your health and readily biodegradeable.

Less packaging, less plastic

You are likely to receive less packaging, and the packaging you do receive is more likely to be recyclable, compostable, reusable and / or made from recycled product.

Avoiding "Greenwashing"

The easiest way to verify that a product that is as sustainable as it claims is to check that it bears an eco label. The best Australian label looks like this:

GECA LogoProducts with the GECA logo have been evaluated by independent auditors and comply with the Good Environmental Choice Australia environmental standard for their product category. Good Environmental Choice Australia is Australia's only independent non-profit environmental standards organization. GECA's whole of life standards are based on world best practice.
Looking for products that meet GECA's cleaning product standards is the single most useful action you can take to ensure you are using cleaning products that really are one of the best choices you can make for you, your centre and the environment.
We offer carbon neutral delivery. And if your business is located in Sydney, we'll collect your empties for re-use.

Better value for money

The sustainable cleaning products provided by Clara Green are often highly concentrated, in large bottles with dispensers that provide exact dilutions.

Delivering cleaning products as concentrates reduces packaging, reduces the distance the product travels from the factory, and reduces the number of deliveries made to your location. This reduces the number of times you need to restock and ensures that you are likely to always have the product handy. You should also reduce the amount you spend on cleaning products.

We offer carbon neutral delivery. And if you are in Sydney, we'll collect your empties for re-use.

"We have been using Clara Green products for 5 years now. Working in the food industry it's obviously crucial to have highly effective cleaning products, but we also wanted products that weren't going to be harmful to the environment as much as possible, or a danger to staff. Clara Green products have proven to be hard working enough to clean in an industrial setting, while being gentle enough not to cause reactions, release noxious fumes, or cause skin irritations...We have been so happy using these products, have recommended them many times to others and will continue to do so into the future."      Nonie Dwyer - Nonie's

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