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Clara Green

3ml Dosage Pump to fit 5L containers

3ml Dosage Pump to fit 5L containers

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Long-lasting dosage pump that dispenses 3ml of product per pump. Fits all our 5L containers.

  • Dispense exactly the right amount of Jasol EC2 No Rinse Sanitiser to make 750ml of usable product
  • Reduce mess and waste
  • Save time and money
  • Be confident your sanitiser sanitises

To make 750ml of ready-to-use Jasol No Rinse Sanitiser, fill your Jasol EC2 No Rinse Sanitiser spray bottle with 744ml of water, then two pumps of the concentrate.

Can also be  used to dispense Healtheclean Aloe Hand & Body Wash 5L, Manual Dish Detergent 5L and Hand Dish Detergent 5L.

Note these are only to support Clara Green products. We can't supply in bulk quantities. 

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