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We all know that traditional detergents contain harsh chemicals. And they typically come in big plastic bottles. But when you are facing a basket of dirty clothes you want a detergent that works in all types of washing machines and really makes the clothes clean - even in cold water.

Clara Green's laundry powders are certified by GECA as a good environmental choice. So you know you the ingredient list is more eco friendly than conventional detergents provided by other detergent manufacturers.

Clara Green Laundry Detergents are:

  • free from animal based ingredients
  • plant-based ingredients
  • free of the phosphates, so they reduce harm to marine animals
  • free of toxic chemicals
  • free of artificial fragrances
  • use biodegradable ingredients
  • earth friendly types of plastic are used in the packaging

The simple ingredients and concentrated formula means you will only be paying a few cents per load.

So Clara Green's eco-friendly detergents and laundry products are a great option to include in your laundry routine.