Hello Eco Max brushes

Hello Eco Max brushes

Check this out! We now carry the Eco Max range of Fair Trade, plastic-free brushes. Not  all of them at the moment, but if you like them, we can add more to our list.  We are concentrating on the brushes that complement our cleaning products to start with.

Why these brushes?

Because we like them. We've had an Eco Max pot scrubber in our kitchen for the last 5 years, and every time it looks like we need to compost it, it comes back to life. This could be a comment on the amount of washing up I do... It works better than the ugly green plastic ones and it looks a lot better in the kitchen. I can hang it up to dry and every time I see it I get that feeling of satisfaction you get from an everyday item that is as close as you can get to a perfect form. It fits into my hand, it doesn't smell, it doesn't stay clogged with glug, it isn't plastic, I have some idea where it comes from, its a really nice shade of brown - I like brown - and its the right shape to run around the interior curve of my saucepans, where the porridge gets stuck.

This is a bit of a pot-scrubber rave. But I don't care. We really like these brushes and now we can share the love!

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