Nonie's and Clara Green

Nonie's and Clara Green

We really like Nonie's here at Clara Green. She keeps her business sustainable, even the bits her customers can't see. Our products are colour free, fragrance free and designed to go unnoticed. Hers are beautifully varied - bright, fragrant and delicious.

We first met when Nonie opened her business in a tiny kitchen in Ryde. I'm pretty sure there was nowhere for me to park my van and it was pouring with rain. But her kitchen was sending out the most amazing smells and everyone in there with her was happy (and laughing – I know it seems like a cliché. But it's true. Cross my heart). Even the guy stuck mopping the floor. She now runs her gluten free empire from a much bigger space in Botany and I always look forward to catching up when she places an order.

Nonie runs an environmentally friendly wholesale and gluten free bakery

She is about hand made delicious food using thoughtfully chosen ingredients. Because Nonie operates within an environmentally sustainable framework, these principles influence decision-making about ingredients, waste management, and the products and packaging in use. And she uses our products! She says:

"We have been using Clara Green products for 5 years now. Working in the food industry it's obviously crucial to have highly effective cleaning products, but we also wanted products that weren't going to be harmful to the environment as much as possible, or a danger to staff."

And because she is highly ethical, she has created a diverse and encouraging environment for her team. She has found that "Clara Green products have proven to be hard working enough to clean in an industrial setting, while being gentle enough not to cause reactions, release noxious fumes, or cause skin irritations."

We are floating here at Clara Green, bouncing from cloud to cloud. And we want you to eat as much bread as you can. Check out the gluten free deliciousness pouring out of her kitchen. And you can do it knowing that you are supporting a business that really is taking as much care of the environment as you are.

You can have your Nonie's products delivered by Doorstep Organics, or you can get them yourself from Cornersmith Cafe Annandale, Feather and Bone in Marrickville, Mr Baillie & Co in Rozelle and from Berkelo in Mosman, Avalon and Brookvale.

Nonie keeps her bakery and her hands clean using eco friendly cleaning products for business:

  • Healtheclean E2 Heavy Duty Degreaser
  • Healtheclean E69 Manual Dish Detergent
  • Healtheclean E12 Aloe Hand & Body Wash
  • Jasol EC2 No Rinse Sanitiser

All these products are certified environmentally preferable by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

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