Why do you want to buy Healtheclean products?

Why do you want to buy Healtheclean products?

They won't poison you

Peter Strigas is one of the guys behind Healtheclean. His parents had a cleaning business. They died of cancer. The doctors told him his parents had spent too much time in enclosed spaces breathing in cleaning chemicals. He wanted to find products that could clean showers without making people sick. Healtheclean is the end result. Everything in a Healtheclean bottle is non-toxic and non-hazardous. We have the most boring MSDSs ever - if you spill anything, your greatest risk is slipping over.

They are better for our environment

Mostly, products that are safe for people are safe for the environment. Better yet, we use packaging that is recyclable or reusable. We supply as much as possible as concentrates so you get to feel good about reducing single-use plastic in your home and at work. Plus, concentrated product means we drive less water around Sydney. And it means your product lasts longer, which means you shop less, which means less carbon kilometers for you AND us.

Independent experts have verified this

They really have. Visit the Good Environmental Choice Australia certified product index and check. You can find it at www.geca.eco. And while you're there, read the standard. Check out how hard we have to work to make products that really are what we say they are. Because. You know. Greenwashing.

They are cost effective

I know, I know. But check for yourself. We are lazy. We don't want you to buy too much or we'd have to work too hard. So we've made it so that for $16 you can make 16 litres of Window Cleaner. That's 32 bottles of Windex. And lets face it, Windex is not $1 a bottle. 

They are made here in Sydney

Not Belgium. Not New Zealand. Not Chicago. Rhodes. Hah.

They work

Just ask Cornersmith, Red Lantern, Rising Sun Workshop, Young Henry's...

They get lonely in the shop and want to live with you. But they're not freeloaders. They promise to work hard in your house. Really.
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