1. How can I be sure we are making up our cleaning products correctly?

    Answer: The simplest way to make sure you are using the right amount of concentrate is to use a dosage pump on the 5L bottles. Most of our products can be dispensed correctly using an 8ml pump. Use two pumps of concentrate to make 500ml of Heavy Duty Degreaser and Glass & Mirror Cleaner, and four pumps to make 500ml of Bathroom Cleaner and All Purpose Cleaner.
  2. How can I stop the liquid foaming over the top of the spray bottle when I make up my cleaning products?

    Answer: Always fill the spray bottle with water before adding the concentrated product.
  3. What is GECA certification?

    Answer: GECA stands for Good Environmental Choice Australia. They are an Australian independent, non-profit environmental standards organisation. They write life cycle environmental standards and certify that particular products meet those standards. Certification is only available for products that have been assessed against the standards by a third party auditor. You can find out more about them here www.geca.eco
  4. Are your cleaning products organic?

    Answer: No, our products are not organic. Organic production concentrates on reducing inputs that are not natural. This is great for food growing and, as a general rule results in environmentally less damaging agriculture. It is not as relevant for manufactured products. Our products are certified environmentally preferable against GECAs environmental standards.
  5. Are your cleaning products food safe?

    Answer: Almost all our cleaning products are food safe, but not all of them carry HACCP certification.