Using 5L Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate

  1. Have a look at the label. You will notice you have enough concentrate to refill your 500ml spray bottle more than 156 times
  2. Grab hold of your 500ml spray bottle and remove the trigger spray nozzle
  3. Hold the bottle up to the light so you can see the 500ml line (if you have one)
  4. Put the orange silicone band label on the spray bottle. I like mine up near the top of the main part of the bottle, but you can put yours wherever you like
  5. Fill the spray bottle with water to just below the 500ml line
  6. Add 32ml of Bathroom Cleaner Concentrate to the water. 
    This will be much easier if you use an 8ml dosage pump on your 5L bottle 
  7. Add a little more water if you need to get to the 500ml line
  8. Screw the trigger spray back on the bottle
  9. Put the spray bottle down on your bench.Stand back and admire your handiwork