Collection: Biogone Landfill-Biodegradable consumables

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There are some plastic products that are difficult replace, especially in a commercial environment. Garbage bags, gloves and cling wrap are plastic consumables that are still widely used by businesses and households that are trying really hard to make good choices for the environment.

Biogone is an amazing Australian company making soft plastic products that perform like the products we all grew up with, but which don't degrade into microplastics.

These products are not GECA certified because there are no standards for plastic products. Biogone has set itself some rules. All the plastic products they make must be recyclable. They must be either home compostable or landfill-biodegradable. As much as possible of the product must be make from recycled plastic.

The products in this collection are all landfill-biodegradable and appropriate for use in food businesses, childcare centres, home and the office.