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Clara Green

Basic Aloe Hand and Body Wash Set

Basic Aloe Hand and Body Wash Set

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The luxurious Hand and Body Wash you love, in bulk. Fragrance free, non-toxic,  readily biodegradeable, septic safe and soap free. GECA certified environmentally responsible. What more could you want?

This set consists of:

  • Aloe Hand and Body Wash - 5L
  • 2 x Aloe Hand and Body Wash - 500ml
  • 2 x Lotion Pumps

Where will you put your two small bottles? Kitchen and Bathroom? One next to the handbasin and one in the shower? Laundry? The possibilities are endless and refillable!

One 500ml bottle has saved two 230ml bottles. The 5L refill keeps 10 plastic bottles out of the waste stream. Less shopping, less carbon miles, less plastic, less toxins, less stress.



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