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Eco Max

Eco Max Scrub Brush

Eco Max Scrub Brush

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A Japanese inspired scrubbing brush, our friends at Eco Max have mixed two vegetable fibres together onto a rounded, comfortable to hold FSC certified rubber wood base to make the ultimate natural scrub brush.

Tampico, a form of cactus, is a strong and soft fibre that gives a good overall clean. It absorbs more water than any other natural fibre and releases it as you scrub. It is paired with rice root, a naturally springy, slightly curly and extremely tough fibre which gives their scrub Brush that extra strength for hard scouring.

To care for your brush: rinse and stand on its bristles to drain away from the timber handle. Do not leave the timber soaking in water.Eco Max Brushes are registered with The Vegan Society, biodegradeable, chemical free and ethically handmade in Sri Lanka.


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